This is not mine a friend emailed it not sure where he got it or if the contracs work out, if it was up to me I would replace Rose with Q Rich.

My boy works over in the MSG/Knicks camp and a hell of a trade was mentioned to be in serious talks/consideration involving the Knicks, Lakers, and Sonics ... basically he told me it breaks down like this:

Knicks get: Kobe Bryant, Rashard Lewis (via sign & trade)

Lakers get: Ray Allen, Channing Frye, Jared Jeffries

Seattle get: Jamal Crawford, Nate Robinson, Quentin Richardson

... and I thought, this makes sense:
- Kobe gets out like he wants, Lewis comes to NY via sign & trade like he wants to
- The Lakers still have a ticket seller in Ray Allen, and could push for some sort of stardom out of Channing Frye (he'd work in the triangle, if Phil doesn't quit b4 hand)
- Sonics get Seattle natives Crawford & Robinson, which along with presumably Durant with the second pic would render a hell of a young nucleus and should sell a hell of a lot of tickets for the Sonics ... this might even keep the team in Seattle and dead the moving rumors

... as a Knick fan, I'd love this deal and it'll help shift some of the balance of power back over to the East, along with a possible KG move to beantown ... shout outs to DBC for the info ;-)