On draft day a trade was completed that will send Zach Randolph, Fred Jones and Dan Dickau of the Portland TrailBlazers to the New York Knicks for Channing Frye and Steve Francis.

I personally think this is a good trade for us. It gives us two quality players and an emerging star. Say what you will about Randolphs attitude he is a beast and along side Eddy Curry we will have one of the most dominant front courts in basketball.

I like Channing, hes a good kid but hes not (at this point) what we need playing along side Curry. And Zachs attitude is something id take any day over Steve Francis' and large contract and "injuries".

Our roster now looks as so...
C Eddy Curry/Randolph Morris/Jerome James
PF Zach Randolph/David Lee/Malik Rose
SF Jared Jeffries/Renaldo Balkman/Wilson Chandler
SG Jamal Crawford/Quentin Richardson/Fred Jones
PG Stephon Marbury/Mardy Collins/Nate Robinson/Dan Dickau

16 players with the possiblity of 17 with Cato.
Look for more moves to happen soon. Isiah is avidly shopping Jared Jeffries at this point as well.