2 days ago, the forum suffered an attack from a hacker from Saudi Arabia. The front page was changed and my username was deleted. The hacker also modified the password to user "admin" and inserted some scripts in some of the forum's templates - possible for further hackings.
We had a backup from june 21st but by mistake was deleted by me when i tried to restore the harm that was done. I then had to ask for a backup that my hosting company had, but i had to pay some cash for it. Unfortunatelly, the talks between me and them were very confusing, they said they restore it several times, in fact what they restored was the same hacked database. In the end we managed to bring it back, and it's a copy of what the forum looked like in june 24th.
I'm extremely frustrated for what happened, especially because we lost all the latest threads (i noticed there was one about allan houston returning for a western conf. team, then there was the draft thread, the zach randolph one).. they're all gone but still happy for not having to start the forum from the scratch.

Hell, it's good to be back!