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    Q-Rich's ass needs to go plain and simple and so does Jeffries. Jeffries is too damned soft to be on a KNICK team. Period. Q-Rich just been riddled with too many injuries to even be considered consistent. I wish somehow he would find the game he had in LA, as opposed to the one he had in Phoenix. But this does not seem to be going to happen anytime soon. Balkman is still and unknown quantity that cannot be banked and counted on. I am so sick and tired of hearing the word "potential" potential does not get teams to the playoffs, nor win championships. Period. I think Wilson Chandler was not the best pick! Why because he has not perimeter shot...a true SF can shoot from the perimeter, play defense, and good at the line.....aka Scottie Pippen....Chandler ain't that...closet one to that "potential" we let get away was Alando Tucker...and Phoenix grabbed his ass...and PHOENIX WE ALL KNOW KNOWS HOW TO DRAFT. PERIOD.

    Curry is not that good of a passer out of the double team. I hope he has been working on that all off season. Because last year he was terrible at doing it. Randolph is a nice edition...and 4 years from now...very well could get a player better than Frye for the time being that was a smart move. Considering in Zach can keep his big black ass out of trouble. Crawford needs to play under better control at the 2 spot if he is going to be our starting 2. Last year being more of a 6th man...he seemed to do better because perhaps he plays better when there is less structure in what needs be in a starting lineup. Nate Robinson is on the trading block, to that I say great. Because he is not a PG, or SG..he is a tweener. And is too damned erratic, this is the last year of his contract...either this year he puts up or shuts up.

    Jerome James still say we need to eat that contract and move on...

    Right now with this KNICK team..making the playoffs is not as difficult as it would have been in say the late 80's early-mid 90's. The entire EAST is a hotbox..anyone can WIN. And I do mean anyone. So they have a real chance at winning 40 games...that's only 7 more than last year. And get maybe a 5th or 6th spot. But there is still alot of places where we need to improve...

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    I hope we do make it. We have another post player that can take the pressure off of Curry. Now Isiah can make plays using the power forward postion.

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    Originally Posted by lilman_bklyn
    "**** the Zach Randolph Trade"
    Okay so that is your position on the matter, and I will take it that you are being objective and honest. that's good. But again I want to ask if you were watching games . Listen, the reason why Channing was open was because more or less this past seasonhe was a jump shooter. And again I want to point out that the majority of the points that zach randolph scores are in the paint, this is where he is most dangerous. If the knicks make him a jump shooter solely, i'm sure all knick opponents will be thrilled @ that. But again I bring up play calling. the theory you provided was all well and dandy, but that is not what the knicks have shown . I do believe Curry will be a better passer this upcoming season, but at the same time, if no plays are ran where does the benefit come in?

    P.S. What dies Zeke having coached a playoff team have to do with anything? He also won wo nba championships...AND?
    no one is saying Zach should be primarily a jump shooter... like most players... he shoots a higher percentage closer to the basket than further away... however... he can knock it down consistently... and he can put it on the floor... if Frye could drive... he would have been more effective...

    I do agree that IT will need to figure out how to make this work... but he coached indy to two sixty plus win seasons... last season we had a team that was learning and growing... hopefully... IT will hold his guys to higher standards than last year...

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