They combine for almost 6 million dollars. Dickau makes about 2.7 mill and Fred Jones about 3.1 mill.

We have too many players on the team. The trade I would love see happen:

Dan Dickau
Fred Jones
Jamal Crawford
Nate Robinson


Mike Miller
Damon Stoudamire

Grizz get rid of a bad contract in Stoudamire and get a more athletic player that will fit their new "uptemo" team. Knicks get an above-average defender in Miller and Stoudamire could resurrect his career with Isiah who originally drafted him.

PG: Marbury/Stoudamire
SG: Miller/Collins
SF: Q-Rich/Balkman/Chandler/Jeffries
PF: Z-Bo/Lee/Morris
C: Curry/Rose/James

More realistically I could see them both getting waived.............