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    From ONE to TEN what do you give Isiah Thomas first time back at coaching Last Season?

    We must remember that each player was selected for this Knick Team by Isiah Thomas when you answer the above question. Last season Injuries to the roster should have no affect on judging how well the head Coach did with the 14 player roster.
    The Washington Wizards Coach Eddie Jordan & Assistant Mike O'Koren did very well in making the playoffs with big season injury loses to their main Starters & Finishers last season.

    Alot of Knick-Fans dont want to bring-up the name Marbury this offseason since the Knicks added Zach Randolph.

    But Marbury has been the prime concern of this Knick Team the Last 3 seasons.

    It has been up to Marbury 35 MPG for three seasons to get player involved offense & defensively on this Knick Roster. Out of 3 seasons Marbury supposed to have great meshing-chemistry with at least 3 Players on this Knick Roster (which I have not seen last season).
    Remember Marbury is not a FAN-Favorite, he is President/Coach Isiah Thomas Favorite. Although, I LUV what he did off the court with his Sneakers and sports wear for children (It is FUN-Family shopping in Marbury stores).

    I guess what I'm saying is Marbury may not be a Vocal-Leader, but at least his B-Ball talent should play like a Leader on the court.
    Marbury is the longest playing Knick-Player on the roster, inwhich all his teammates look towards his play on defense, offense, and the scheme to WIN. It is up to Marbury to play harder than any other teammate on the team so his teammates could follow.
    We Knick-Fan dont mind Marbury shooting the ball when the (24) shot clock is down to just 5 to 6 seconds left. We just want to see Marbury get all his teammates involve the first 19 seconds on the Shot-Clock, plus play some sneaky hard defense even if it cause a foul here or there.

    And those of you Knick-Fans that want Nate Robinson traded need to know that "Little Nate" has picked-up every move and style of the "Marbury to Starbury" show down pack now with a well Halfcourt-offense game and a much better Running Offensive game with the running players on the Knicks roster.
    So if Nate Robinson get traded this offseason, I'm only going to remember all of Nate's Rookie Summer League Games with Ariza, Butler, and Frye comming back from 20 point defecits to WIN the game in practically all the 4th quarter games in that Knick Summer League tournament (they played BOTH sides of the court in order to WIN.).
    That is GREAT Basketball on any level!!!

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    That's hard to do. The bar is so low after the LB season. I know I'm in the minority with my opinion but I don't view Thomas as a bad GM but I think he's a better coach than he is a GM. I like 90% of the guys he brought over and I like all the guys he's drafted. Over all I like the Knicks team. I like Marbury, Curry, Randolph, Frye, Robinson, Crawford, Lee and Baulkman. I think we have a great young squad. By no means do I think that Thomas hasn't made mistakes. We all know Jerome James is ass! Thomas hasn't really put much focus on defense but nether has the Suns. I think that was the model for what Thomas was trying to create and Dolian bought it. Richardson was brought in to knock down threes but that wasn't Brown's plan for him. The result was Richardson became a better player all around. The same goes for Marbury. He to has become a better defender.

    So what's the bottom line? The players have improved, are continuing to improve, they like Thomas as a coach and want to play for him. So morale is up. Team chemistry is closely tied to team morale. Thomas may not be the best X/O coach but he transformed the Knicks from a finesse team to a power team. We have an inside presence greater than that of Kurt Thomas and Marcus Camby and we've got guys that our 4 and 5 can dish the ball out to.

    Over all sore from 1-10
    Thomas as a Coach = 7
    Thomas as a GM = 5

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    Zeke has the knicks going in the right direction. We have to cut him a little slack he has handled the N.Y. pressure just fine even with some shakey transactions. You also could look back at last years progress and the fact that we were playoff bound barring a few injuries and the fact that our players are responding much better to Zeke than Larry Brown. I would rate Zeke a 7.5-8.5 a good motivating coach thats not to bad at the x's and o's. Now as a GM I would give him a slightly lower number somewhere along the lines of a 6.5-7.5 Zeke is a great evaluater of talent when it comes to the collage players but some of the veteran trades that he's made keep this number down. I do think that we should keep him around for a few years to show the players and fans that the knicks do have some stability.

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