Ron Artest told the New York Post that he wants to remain with Sacramento and retire as a King. Artest's comments contradicted statements his agent made last week, indicating that his client, a Queens native who attended St. John's, wanted to return home.

"I really want to finish my career in Sacramento because of my relationship with some of the players," Artest said, according to the Post. "I want to finish with Sacramento. I feel attached to Sacramento. I want to be their franchise player."

Artest also said he was told by Kings general manager Geoff Petrie that he would not be traded, and Artest told Petrie he probably would not opt out of his contract after next season, the Post reported.

"Ron is going to be a King," Petrie said Monday, denying he has had any conversations with the Knicks' front office. "People are having conversations with themselves."
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Heres my take on this.

What will Artest bring to our team?

Artest is a B/B+ caliber player and will upgrade our starting 5.
Artest offensively can score 15-18 ppg.
Artest is a top 1-3 perimeter/man defender.
Artest forces a lot of turnovers(Which would favor us because we usually give up alot of turnovers)
Artest is only 27.
Artest would instantly make us contenders in the Atlantic.
Artest >>>>>>> Jefferies

Heres why I'm not that worried we won't get Artest anymore.

Balkman is capable of being a starter, an excellent starter. Balkman is an insanely athletic Bruce Bowen on 20 red bulls. Same with Lee. I want to trade Randolph just to see Balkman and Lee develop as our starters for the future.

Because of my confidence in Balkman, I feel we're okay at the SF position.
But to say Artest isn't needed is really silly. He would solidfy our starting 5 and make us contenders in the East.

Artest will most likely stay with Sacramento(weird, I could see him demanding a trade into two weeks into the season).

I'm just glad we have Balkman. Chandler and Nichols look promosing too.

We just need to get rid of Randolph, Jefferies, and Crawford. Let the youngin's develop their game, so they can be more prepared and experienced in the future.

I heard Curry's fat ass in great shape too. Thats great news.