To all those Knick-Fan Players out there that keep saying trade Nasty Nate Robinson, did Nate change any of his game in this Summer League from his Rookie and solphmore season? the answer is NO!

Head Coach Isiah Thomas forced Nate Robinson to play a Halfcourt-offense on every offensive possession of his playingtime in his second season in the NBA. By playing Nate with stiff teammates like Jefferies, Francis, Marbury, and Curry this past season. Not to mention Head Coach Isiah calling every offensive play from the bench while Nate was the PG (letting the oposition know whats expected)

Nasty Nate Robinson Skillz and talents has improved to the next level (A bonafied Backup like Barbosa) and so many Knick-Fans does not see it because of Nate High Light in a Knick losing game to promote his Dunking Contest Award. When Nate showed that his talents can go beyond by coping and playing into the Marbury-mode, the Starbury-mode, the Franchise-mode, and the Crawford-mode anytime he wanted to. Only thing is Nate dont make as many Turnovers as those three players. And his DEFENSE is much better than the three because all NBA oponents recall Nate Blocking 7.5 Yao shot inwhich they become extra cautious around Nate athletic abilties.

Knick-Fans expecting Nate to play a Halfcourt offensive game on every offensive possesion is the samething as making Kidd & Nash only play a halfcourt offense. Remember Jason Kidd in Dallas? and Nash first 3 years in Dallas? where they were force to play into a halfcourt offense where the Head Coach called all the offensive plays? It did not work. Jason Kidd got out of Dallas so fast that alot of B-Ball Fans forgot that he was drafted by Dallas. I'm not saying Nate is as good as Kidd or Nash however, Nate is a RUNNING-PG like Kidd & Nash, especially when they have two or more teammates that will run with them.

So Nate Robinson WON the MVP in the Summer League Games, which mean very little to Knick-Fans because Head Coach Isiah Thomas has his head so far up Marbury 35 MPG (losing performance) Halfcourt Game that he went out of his way this offseason in getting Marbury another Halfcourt offensive Player Zack Randolph. What does that do for the Knicks young players who want a fast transition game to improve their talents and skillz in a open court? It makes them only show 40% of their skillz and talents...