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Anyways, that said we're setting up an excellent change of pace team. 1st unit Vs. 2nd unit. This something we now have over Phoenix. They only play one speed. We have the ability to do both....when I read posts to ship out Nate and keep Dickau, I find it comical. Anyone who would post that should watch more ball.
This is ridiculous. Are you kidding me? phoenix can't play half court? I guess amare stoudemire and marion aren't good post up players? Raja bell and barbossa aren't good slashers and cutters and have no outside shot.I guess MVP assist machine steve nash doesn't use pick-n-rolls or screens and can't penetrate in half court? Talk about needing to watch more ball?!! Yes, Phoneix's stregth is the fast break but make no mistake they can play half court, thats what made them so versatile. Tey had stamina to play fast for long time, tire out other teams. Eddy curry is not as in good shape as Stoudemire, eddy's body wants to be a plodder?heavy footed center. His Youth and good quick feet make him able to move right now. But eventually during a game and long season his body wins. Making him useless as we saw down the stretch of the season. I agree we have an up beat team, in some senses, But not close to phoenix. They have stamina our players lack. Their first six guys nash stoudemire marion diaw barbossa bell and now maybe Grant hill, can run forever. Can u see Curry,randolph and q-rich doing that most of a game? We need the half court for a break for our plodders. Phoenix doesn't, but they still have it, for when they get slowed down. We have our share of high energy guys robinson,lee,balkman,crawford. But phoenix starting 5 and 6th man are insane and they play really good half court. They just don't waste time with ball control. So even in half court they move fast/high energy. Curry is not a center for that type of game, garnet, camby and dirk are. Jamal magloire could be good. CUrry is more the old grind it out center who over powers and while he's young has quick feet to beat u with. Much like shaq, when he was young, except less dominant.