Has jamaal even really improved at all? Almost every stat was lower tin 06-07 than 05-06. He averaged about 17point the last 4 years except one, he avg 14 ppg in larry browns season('05-06). He actually shot better % in '05-06 as compared to '06-07. His 3pt was down also.Another thing, you take away his hot night, (52pts)he loses almost .881 almost an entire point off his ppg avg. His turnovers were at a career worst last season 2.75 per game(2.22per game 05-06). Blocks were down(.1), Steals Down(.1), assists higher(.6), Reb up (.1). Most slight down and ups, except turnovers, thats a big jump avg almost 3 a game Career worst, he had 13 more turnovers the previous year, but played 20 less games this year. Bottom line is how come every one says he's improved each year???
A lot of people compare crawford to rip hamilton. RIp's fg% and 3ptFG% are better, although last year RIPs fg% and 3ptFG% was down, so was jammals!! RIP still had him..FG% 468% -.400% and 3ptFG% .341-.320. Jamaal wasn't even his best in recent years. He seems to have gotten slightly higher or lower than .400 fg% each year, but was better last year! where's the improvement? Who cares if he has improved his shot selection if they still only hit .400fg%? If you look at NBA webpage for stats he tied for 126th in the league for guards in FG% That means there are 125 other guards out there that shoot better So it is not only allstars like RIP that shoot better, it's half the leagues guards. If you use the sites Qualifier(not sure what it is) He ranks only 46th in the league, thats a big jump, butit's 46 out of a total of 50 guards who qualified! So that means that every other guard in the entire league that qualified except 4guys 3 of them are point guards!!! 2 of them back up point guards!!! Now lest compare him to the shooters on the knicks,
It's easier to list the guys who had a worse shooting% Worst to best. You have Rookie Randolph morris .167,(made 1 of his 6 total shots), Kelvin kato .318 made (7 of 22) ., Rookie Mardy collins .382 (87-228), malik rose .398 (74 of 186), thats it then we have your boy! Crawford .400 (354-886) He was 5th worse!!! out of the 15 players they displayed at the team web site and those guys he beat didn't even play much(2 rookies!) Even jerome james had better FG% .418 (33 of 79) Out of the guards he also has worst 3pt FG% besides Rookie Collins. Yeah he beats malik rose and jarred jefferies in 3pts, but i'd rather any other guard shoot them him.
So don't try and compare this clown crawford to RIP hamilton. granted Crawfor could become that good, if he runs off screens and shoots a higher FG%. So he has to be much more consistent. The whole thing is you can say that about any SG. Heck, if I could shoot a higher FG% I'd have made the NBA. Easier said than done. Lets seem him improve, and I mean really improve. All his stats are down, he showed small improvements in rebounding (+.1 per game) assists (+.6 per game, thanks to eddy curry, someone had to feed him the ball anyone could) and Scoring avg (+3.3per game, 3 of last 4 season he avg 17pts it only dropped because Larry brown new he didn't want him shooting so much), so he took +4 more shots per game, had aworse shooting %(-.016)Basically took more made less. Heck he had more total points in 05-06 on close to the same number of shots. turnovers (+.53 more per game!) Blocks (-.1) Steals(-.1) he has not improved!!! He's been only a mediocre to sub par SG. yeah he hit a good number of big shots! But he missed just as many big shots that could have won games! Heck some of his game winners he had 3-5 attempts at, because neither team scored. I like Jamaal, I get sucked in watching him play, but thats because I'm a knick fan and root for him. He hasn't improved. I swear, his biggest gain from this season to last was in points, he took more shots made less %, and he has avg 17pts 3 of 4 season, just not the Larry brown season!!!So is usually avg 17pts and avg 17 points again after a bad season an improvement??? His assist game is up mainly because eddy currys FG% was up! His rebounds barely went up, and every other stat was worse! Including turnover!!! Open Your eyes knick fans, we need a bettr SG. Look at the knicks team stats! Look at crawfords career stats!