Ex-knicks prospects now better. Matt carrol, who played on the knicks summer league teams when he came out of college, wasn't signed, but blew crawford out of water with fg% and 3pt%. He avg 12pts in 10 less minutes taking 6 less shots. Hmmm if you gave him 6 more shots and more playing time? Matt barnes has better FG and 3ptfg% also.Both of them taller and heavier than Crawford. The mediocre?subpar shooting guard. Both made more 3pointers than crawford, 103 3pointers made last year, it was close, Carrol 111 3pointers made and Barnes 106 3pointers made. But crawfor attempted 55 more 3's than carrol and 32 more times than Barnes. These two players are cheap effective options the knicks could have now, but don't, they have Crawford, who they pay a lot of money to be terrible guard. I wonder if anyone who attempted as many shots as crawfor averaged less than him? Come on there has to be one worse guard out there somewhere!!!