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Any NBA level guard should be able to dump the ball into eddy curry. It's a basic skill most guards learn very early. I'm sure Curry wouldn't miss him. If we had a shooter that needed a double team, not crawford. Curry's game would explode.
Someone stated Stats aren't everything, I agree. Crawford plays hard and has a good attitude, I just don't think he's improved at all and i don't think his outside shooting skill matches that of a NBA caliber shooter. He can break people down and drive. Wich makes him versatile, but he's not a consistent Shooting threat. His shot selection, which is suppose to have a player take better/easier shots, more likely to go in. Having a positive effect of ones shooting %. By taking better/easier shots and hitting them. I don't care if he is taking better/easier shots and still missing! What good is that? I mean seriously? I hope and pray crawford makes me eat my words this season. I hope he turns the corner and does all the things people keep saying he's done the past couple seasons(but really hasn't, like improve any part of his game). I'll be the first to give him props on knicks online forums! But stop with the delusions. One Guy said it has been the best season of his career? What makes it so good? What makes it so much better than the years with chicago and the first year here that he avgs 17points? 0.6 assists per game come on 0.53 turnoersmore a game(you do realize those are bad, right?) His best year with the knicks.was

2004-05, 17.7ppg career High, 4.3 apg, 2.9 rpg , 1.3 steals 2.11 TO's

the previous year with chicago was even better

2003-04 17.3ppg(0.4 less than career high in 2004-05) 5.1 assists(career high) 3.5 rebounds (career high) 1.4 steal(career high) 2.41 TO's also career high in blocks: .4 per game (career high)

2006-07 17.6ppg, 4.4 assist, 3.2rebounds, 1.0 steals 2.75 TO's .1 blocks

thats was last season, not one career best. Not even his way awesome fg%
which he had better stats in 2001-02(career high.476), 2002-03 and 2005-07.

He is about the same in those 3 years 2003, 2004, and 2007, 2007 was his best fg% out of those years, but not one career high in any stat. Except turn overs.

I hope you are not suggesting that Matt Carrol is better than Crawford? Or Barnes. Not buying it. These guys are spot up shooters, and one trick ponies. Not even fair.

Also, you seem to forget his role has changed year in and year out depending on the coach. One minute he starts, next minute he don't play. One minute he is the pg, next minute he is the two.

I go on what I see from a player. Not really their numbers ALL OF THE TIME.

For instance, Stephs numbers were way down for him, but most people watching him play would say he had his best overall season.

If you look at Mardy Collins numbers, you would not see anything spectacular. Cept we all know he played so well, we no longer wanted to see Francis on the court at all.

Jamal went down, the triple teams on Curry picked up. So as bad as you say he is as a shooter, the league must did not agree with you. H is by no means automatic from deep, but his mid range game is pretty solid. And because of his handle, he does not need to run off a million screen like Hamilton. Plus, rip is faster, so he gets around them very quickly. JC does not have that type of speed. They are diff. Rip is a better shooter. Period.

JC can however be a better scorer than him because of what he can create on his own. If you watched Crawford last year based on play, you would see clearly he was a better player. Took smarter shots, way more free throws, and created for others as well. And anyone REALLY paying attention last year knows with a healthy Crawford, we beat a lot of those teams we gave close games without him... mainly because Curry would not be a gazillion teamed, and we'd have one more player to help Curry and Steph score.

That said.. I can't wait to see how teams plan to gaurd JC this year when the lanes should be free to roam because of Zach and Curry.... yikes...