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Knicks for life and datruth write he's not better than mat carrol, i'm not saying they have better games, they are just better SG. With all the scoring options we have, Curry, Zach, marbury, q-rich even robinson off bench. Do we really need another scorer or just some one who can take a step back and consistently hit 3's. Like those guys i compared him to. They also were cheap, p.s. mat carrol just inked himself a nice little long term contract. We only need a role player with all the other scoreing. Take away jamaals game, are you saying marbury and nate can't break people down? are you saying no one else has mid range jumper? not q rich or zach? every part of his game,except his heart, is replacable. I'll give him that he tries hard. But passing to curry? any point guard worth his salt should be able to do that? isn't that a point guard job, feeding the big men inside?

and shairan we don't need a great scoring sg, we just need someone defenses don't want to leave open behind the 3. Hate to say it but most other shooting guards can do that. We have plenty of scoring elsewhere.

knicksforlife, lets not get crazy with the triple teams. I'll give you the double teams not triple teams.
Giantsknickfan, your right on track, crawford is a good back up pg/sg type player. He's good off the bench. He's not a spot up shooter that can help spread the defense. You are right he did regress back to his chucking days in some games. I'd like to see him play a less dominant role in the offense, less shots, let zach take more mid range give marbury more shots take a couple away from jamaal. He's an overpaid backup, that shots to much. But where did you get that stat about the most game winning shots? I'd like to see that. I'd also like to see how many chances these other guys had, plus how many he didn't make, i watched 80% of games. I remember a few games where he came up big and a bunch more where he came up short.

I'm not saying he's a bumb or worthless, he's just overpaid and not as good as people give him credit for. He's mediocre. He's dare i say it again, replacable. I'm telling you, get a real SG and you guys would never know he's gone. I'm telling you. Get a guy who makes more and shoots less, like matt carrol. That will leave more shots and scoring oppurtunities for the people on the knicks with more talent! Sure him and curry had chemistry, but jamaal and his midrange jumper took away fryes game. We need a pure PG and a pure SG, not a bunch of PG who act like sg's (marbury, robinson and fransis when here) and not SG who can't shoot and has to act as PG because we don't have a true one!!! I'm telling you for what we're paying him, we should get more...I hope jamaal proves me wrong. But So far each season his stats seem very similar each year, and the win total also! So I need to see some big improvements from him to become a crawford supporter. Or he'll always be the back up that gets to start and shoot to much to me. LB had his role Nailed! less shots, take only better shots and come off the bench. Now we need a real SG to start!
I forgot exactly the source where i read it, i think i was stoned, but it said that Arenas and Kobe lead the league with 9 GW shots the past 2 seasons, Jamal was 2nd with 7. (and this doenst include game tying shots, its GW shots under 24 secs)