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Most of the guys on your list are not "pure" shooters. Remember a "pure"shooter most times is a "specialist" brought in for must have baskets and breaking down packed in defenses. Just because you can hit baskets from anywhere sometimes does not make you a pure shooter. MJ wasn't even a pure shooter. The Miller on your list must be Reggie Miller because Mike Miller is a streak shooter, not a pure shooter. Kobe is far from a pure shooter and I wouldn't even put Gilbert on that list though he is close. Pure shooters are guys like Nate McMillen, Kerr, Pax, Craig Hodges and the like. Most pure shooters cannot get their own shot, but are deadly when left open. The guys that can do both are the most deadly legends like Bird and Reggie Miller. I would put Allen Houston in that catagory also except for body of work. I like Jamal because he has old school game. If you leave him open he will hurt you, if you run at him its blow by and then stop and pop( midrange game). He can also finish around the basket which is a deadly combo. You guys forget that today's "veteran players" are yesterday's college juniors and seniors. While I am not against early entry into the league, the guys who do need more time to progress because most NBA coaches coach not teach. They assume your toolbox is already full. Since Jamal has had so many injury problems the word potential still applies. I would hate to see him realize that in another team's uni. Marbury on the other hand is a known quantity, we all know what he can do(score and dish) and what he can't do(make guys around him better and lead a team to quality playoff wins).

I guess being a pure shooter means you must of played a long time ago? You're mad random with your logic, stick to your point. I listed the best shooters in the NBA, but they're not pure? This is just stupid. Jamal is FAR from a pure shooter, so I don't even know why you're bringing this up. Crawford is the Antoine Walker of the SG position. He's a headache to have on your team and painful to watch him play.

Ahaha, you said Jamal has an old school game. A painfully hard to watch offensive game, traveling, turnovers, no toughness, overdribling, zero defense, bricking up shots after shots is how they played in the 70s?

Crawford rarely takes it to the basket, so what he does around the basket is irrelevant.

Crawford has never made it the NBA playoffs or carried his team to the playoffs. Crawford is a losing player. Loser players = loser team. Marbury has atleast carried a couple of his teams to the playoffs, and Marbury does make his teammates better, but not how Kidd or Nash does it.

Knicks4lyfe, you don't understand, let me be simple about this.

**** Jamal Crawford.

We don't need him to SHOOT so much, he's totally useless on this roster. We got Curry, Randolph, Q-Rich, Marbury and Robinson. All of these guys can average over 15 ppg easily.

We need a balance of offense and defense, like Detroit or Chicago.

Matt Caroll shots 41% from the 3pt and is a career 39% 3pt shooter, with a superior FT% and FG%. plus, he's the same age as Jamal, but BIGGER.

Jamal shoots 32% from the 3pt, is barely a career 40% FG, and is a fragile guard with no toughness, defense or takes care of the ball. Our team weaknesses are Jamal weaknesses. The only thing Jamal does for this team is make us weaker. We don't take care of the ball well, we don't play defense well, and we fall short out of a lot of close games(Jamal's ridiculous shot selection put us in so many close situations we don't need to be in).

Matt Caroll's 12 ppg in 26 minutes > Jamal's 17 ppg in 38 minutes

Knicks4lyfe, if Matt Barnes couldn't play defense, he wouldn't be in the NBA. I suggest you research more.

lilman_bklyn, are you joking? The end of the same only matters? So teams shouldn't give a **** the first 3 quaters and just play their offense to the end? Is this your defense for Crawford? Oh yes, he's a "Shooting" guard, he's suppose to shoot, now what are point guards suppose to do, point their fingers? Please man, Crawford SUCKS at shooting, so we don't need him to shoot. You don't let a 40% FG and 32% 3pt chucker continually shoot the rock, thats just plain stupid.

We don't need Crawford, let him go for a 2nd rounder. He's one dementional, an extremely streaky scorer, for every good game he has, he has 4-5 bad ones. Too inconsistant too, you could make an agruement he's injury prone too.

Damn, this thread puts Jamal on my **** list with Eddy. Glad Isiah traded Frye and Francis, my **** list was getting too heavy. Jamal, meet Eddy, Eddy meet Jamal. Oh you guys met before, no kidding.