THIS SEASON I THINK CRAWFORD WILL COME OFF THE BENCH.. i think isiah thomas realized that crawford is more effective coming off of the bench..The team is better with richardson starting because q is more of a team player,better defender, and has a better shot selection..this season the new york knicks will definitely me more of a post offense team so expect the guards average shots a game to go down which i believe will be a good thing because with z-bo and curry running the show our fg% will skyrocket.with more of our shots coming down in the post and will also have a positive effect on our guards because they will help spread the floor for our guards and our guards CAN HIT OPEN SHOTS...i think marbury will have a career year stats mayb 12 and 9..and crawford his numbers might go down a little bit but i think his fg percentage will rise dramatically cuz when we kick it out to the guards from the post he will be our first option to shoot..and when hes open we know his shot is automatic..dont forget bout q,nichols and nate who can also hit the shot as well