Dick Vitale on the radio/tv on ESPN's morning show Mike & Mike in the morning.

He said that basketball is the only sport where the referee can affect a players time on the court. What he said is that if a ref wanted to hypothetically whistle one player 2 quick fouls in consecutive situation, that player usually gets sent to the bench, if he doesnt he can stay in the game untill 6 fouls.
He suggested that their be a rule change that allow players to get fouls and stay on the court. It would be a "penalty" like in football, 2 foul shots and possesion if a player gets more than 6 fouls. Basically making it endless fouls, ALTHOUGH, each player is given 6 fouls with out being in the penalty to his team.

I like this idea becuase in football, one player can make 100 penalties and teams would only subsitute them for game performance not becuase of a possibility of being completely out the game.
The NBA hates to change its rules but lets see if this gets any noise....

Anyone thinks this is a good idea?
I kinda like it.