Making the Knicks an above .500 Team with the Roster they have now is easy.

The Knicks biggest mistake with Isiah Thomas at the helm is they had 5 coaches in just 4 seasons (Chaney, Wilkins, Herb, Brown, Isiah).

Another mistake is putting Players in the Starting Lineup before they can take off their previous team Jersey. Way to many Knick Players should not have been in the Knicks Starting Lineup their first season with the Knicks (Marbury, Crawford, Q.Rich, Curry, Davis, Jalen, Francis, Jefferies, and now Zack this upcomming season). Why? Each one of the Players have a NBA Career History of being a "ONE on ONE" Player, not a Team-Player and that is the main reason why their Previous team did not want to keep them.
NBA Sports Writers and Commentators are waiting for the beginning of the 2007-8 regular season to start so they could see all the major moves of Big Players this offseason "MESH" with their NEW teammates early in the season.

Do we Knick-Fans see Zack Randolph making this Knick Team finally start meshing together on both sides of the court? or do we just see Zack making it easy for certain Knick teammates to score without being double-team by defenders?

For the Knicks to start the 2007-8 regular season getting off to a WINNING start of being a 500% and better team than they have to have "STARTERS" that are familiar with each others talents and skillz in certain situations.

1) The Marbury/Crawford Tandem is not great but they do know each others talents/skillz in alot of situations on the court.

2) The Curry/Lee Tandem has been the best Bigman Tandem that compliments each other on this Knick-Team as Starters the last two seasons (each time they start together the Knicks start the game off with a decent lead vs any oponent).

3) A healthy Q.Richardson (mentally) likes to play his HEART-OUT at the SF-Position with Crawford as his SG and David Lee as his PF. Q.Rich physical injuries do not stop him from having a well played game with Crawford & Lee on the court with him.

The offseason addition of Zack Randolph is "GOOD and BAD" for this Knick-Team. It's GREAT if Zack do not Start early in the season unless injuries to Curry or Lee. Maybe, by midseason Zack Randolph could become a Full-Time Starter, Maybe.

Zack Randolph should be the BEST backup to Curry or Lee, for the Knicks to have a Successful Season, Zack comming off the bench with Players like Balkman, Nate, and Collins would give this Knick Team a strong deep depth off the bench.
If Jared Jefferies is getting his thing together this offseason knowing NOW after one season of learning how his teammates talents and skillz flow on the court could also bring more depth off the bench. Making Jefferies a Starter last season with him being CLUELESS to his teammates performance is a major reason for a 33 WIN season (SAVE-FACE coaching).

Starting Zack Randolph because of his Star Stats of 23-10 is a "SAVE-FACE" FOOLISH mistake that will lead to an unsuccessful Knick season. Especially having knowledge of why David Lee had such a successful 2006-7 season. It was not Lee's double-double Stat that made Lee have such a great season, it was David Lee COMPLIMENTARY Talents with his Teammates. He made his teammates talents and skillz shine.
Example, the Toronto Rapters had a somewhat decent Bigmen lineup with C/F-Bosh in the middle of everything with their Bigmen rookies well performances. Would you mess-up Toronto Bigmen STARTERS by adding this new player Zack Randolph who just arrived to the team to the Starting Lineup? or would you have Zack comming off the bench to earn him-self a Full-Time Starters job by meshing with his teammates first???