Do the Knicks have any complete players? Not that you have to do everything to be succesfull. But The knicks seem to lack anyone with out substantial holes in there game. From injury prone to inconsistence, No defense and only defense. The knicks could have some trouble.

Curry good post up offense, no short jumper. If he developes this teams will have to come away from the rim to guard him, and his quick feet can blow by them. and forget defense. Some stamina issues, he improved last year.

Lee He plays good D, makes mistakes here and there, rebounding machine. Has limited offensive skills. runs the floor well. High energy player.

Marbury can handle the rock, can shoot, can drive, no real offensive hole, and plays good defense. Probably best all around player on knicks, his only weakness is getting his team involved, which he's made strides in recent years.

Crawford Not sure where to start, he also has decent all around talent, but unfortunately not good or great at much. he's not a good passer or ball handler(to many turnovers, to have rock so much, better handle than most sg, not consistent with the decisions though) he's not a good shooter(low FG% and 3pt FG%) his defense is okay. killer crossover is his best feature. He does come up big sometimes and is exciting to watch, but exciting doesn't always equal wins. He's not really good at anything enough to make him valuable. To inconsistent. See many many post on this!

Q-rich He's Got a good shot, he's got good defense, rebounds, can't really beat his man off the dribble. but can cut and slash. Can post up as well. Has decent all around game, but is injury prone. Hurt back is a big problem in his game.

Jerome James What can i say about jerome james? he's fat, plays good d but eats to much, no stamina, no offense, horrible signning.

Jarred Jefferies Does he play on the knicks? No offense sub-par d? all around clown, terrible signing. Has potential to turn it around, but does he have the desire?

Nate robison Surprisingly not so bad d-fense, not that great either, but not bad and his offense is pretty well rounded, he won't be posting anyone up. and he'll get posted. But he's quick, decent bench player. Nice outside shot. Lacks size, but has ups and quickness.

Renaldo balkman Great energy player, great hustle(one of my favorites) he rebounds on offense and defense, runs the floor well, good defense. Reminds me of the humpty dance song. Digital underground, humpty hump? Never see a lack of effort from this guy, can develope into whatever he wants, he just currently has no shot, he can develope, his offense needs to improve.

Malik rose He's a hustle player, rebounds plays good D, Professional, okay short range shot, not really much on the offense. Kinda just takes up space. Which is good on defense, no so good on offense.

Mardy collins had his share of rookie mistakes and had his share of decent moments. Didn't play enough for me to get a good idea on. He started out terrible, but played strong at end of season. TO inconsistent and not enough to judge on. Good defense. Offense was so so, for a rookie, with no play time. He could be a good all around player this year. it's unknown. Plus you can say that about anyone. Young and inexperienced.

Randolph Morris Not much to say about him either, played few times last year, didn't do much of anything. He had decent summer league, but that doesn't translate to NBA level ball. This is what I hear about him, good defense, solid rebounder but not much offense. Some say his points all came from tip ins and put backs. He's young and inexerienced.

Nichols and chandler Two rookies, haven't seen them play, nichols from what i hear has a good outside shot, something the knicks really need. We'll see how it goes. Chandler needs to work on his offense. I'm sure both of them will be typical inconsistent rookies who don't play to much. They have a lot to learn.

Dickau and jones both players showed signs of good play, dickau has been hurt, and jones, just has been getting shipped around. Not really much use on knicks, who have a ton of guards already. Don't really know much about them. Dickau, may be useful at pointguard, jones? not really sure what he brings. Dickaus outside shooting maybe a welcome addition, no idea about his d or handle or really anything.

Zach randolph I am excited about his offense, post up, short to mid range jumper. Rebounds well, something that eddy curry needs help with, but i hear that he's not so good on defense? something eddy curry needs help with. we'll see.

I know you don't have to be great at everything to have a succesful career. But teams have to be good at everything, and it's individuals need to compliment each other. Like eddy currys lack of d isn't helped by randolphs lack of D. Jarred jefferies lack of everything doesn't help anyone. The lack of quality outside shot hurts knicks. Injuries. The knicks need to build on defense and thats a hole most of these players have. Center not being good at defense, that needs to improve. SG/PG chucking(crawford), needs to be curbed. Let true point handle the rock. Let true shooters shoot, He should warm bench, give others a chance, and supply excitment and scoring off bench or for another team.