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crawford gets paid 7.9 million, dats exactly what he's worth, and why u acting like is if it was the knicks who gave malik rose that contract, and since when is jamal overrated??? jamal rarely gets prased for good things, ya just love to attack the bad things and make it seem as if he was wack
How is crawford overpaid???? dude gets 7 mil.....rip hamilton gets 10 mil....now you guys may think rip does more but lets look at the stats....
Crawford 18 ppg, rip 19
Craw 3.2 boards, rip, 4
craw, 1 steal/game, rip 0.8
craw 0.1 blocks, rip 0.2 blocks
craw 84% ft%age, rip 86%
craw 33% 3pt, rip 34%
craw 40% fg percentage, rip, 45%

crawford is not as bad as u guys make him seem...there is too much player hating on this site....except for james, jeffries and rose threads....our team is solid