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Okay its official, the Atlantic Division is no longer a joke.

Danny Ainge has single handedly beefed our divison up in a matter of 6 weeks. Our Knicks will have no choice but to grow up fast becuase if they had disgusting records for two years in a row in an anemic divison, they will get run out of the NBA if they keep praising morale victories in the divison we have now.

This is it fellas.

No more stupid fouls.
No more missing free throws.
No more Nate Robinson.
No more sulking on the bench.
No more giving Jarred Jeffries PT.
No more soft play from Curry
No more excuses.

If the Knicks have another crappy record, the playoffs will not be as easily attainable as it used to be (which we still couldn't get in, patheticly)

Do you really want to go to war with this roster????? I say we see how we do until December. At which point, we'll need to go after Artest. We can't wait for these guys to develop into a good team, becuase our division stopped waiting for us.

There are 3 things the knicks need to do to be a top team in the east.

1. Cut down on the turnovers
2. Defend the 3pt line
3. Make FTs