Everybody has to relax. KG is a good player and its going to be tough beating Boston with all three in the starting lineup, but i'd say its going to be a max of 30 games where all three are healthy enough to start. Also KG doesn't want to be in Boston, but it was better then being in Minnesota one more year. After this season KG is going to bolt and the Celtics will have mortgaged there whole future and upcoming draft picks for one year of being in the playoff picture. (Sound like the Marbury trade)

And Metro when are you going to realize Curry is here and is going to be here, and as much as you hate him he's a good player and he is our franchise player, is that by default because we have no other options on this roster? maybe but he's here so just get over it. Plus your list of all those guys is so biased because you so blindly hate Curry. A 20ppg Center is far more valuable then a standard 20ppg swingman.