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im not saying rondo is a bad pg or wont become a good one, but at the moment i think its safe to say he doesnt have the experience to run a team. key word - you said it yourself

i.e. hes never had to run the team as a starting pg and that as we know takes a few years of maturity to be able to do successfully. and of course a distributing pg is key to running offense. so whos his backup out of curiosity? just so many holes once you go past the stars.

i think he may be a nice fit but i dont think chemistry among all their players can develop overnight as the knicks have seen. i think it takes them a year minimum to get that kind of chemistry and maybe add some more pieces. in a year or two if everyone stays healthy and meshes then id say theyre a lock for the atlantic/east.

i agree detroit's bench isnt great but on the one hand they picked up some nice backup guards and i know johnson and maxiel are solid bench players.

do you think in light of the ref scandal superstars are gonna get all the bull**** calls they usually get?

we all know kg is top 3 talent in the league and noones gonna argue that. but it still comes down to the potential of everything coming together for them in boston. im convinced ray allen wont play more than 50-60 games for them and their lack of depth will then become a major problem. well see i guess though...
How many times are you going to think? Find out and stop pondering. Research it. Rando played 78 games and started 25 games behind Delonte West, a pretty good PG.

As a starter he averaged

10 ppg
5.8 assist
5.4 rebounds
2.4 stls
2.1 turnovers

Not bad?

He doesn't need the experience to run the team. Example: Daniel Gibson. Not every player in the NBA is the same. Yes, PG is a very difficult position to master, but some kids get it faster than others. We just can't assume its going to take forever for Rando cause he's a sophmore. He could be a bust this season or explode for a break out season. We're not sure yet. We are sure that Rando is a young fast athletic PG with an all around game, that is going to play with 3 guys who will just make the game much easier for him.

He had actually ran the Boston Celtics many of times. Don't come to this thread thinking Rando has no experience, he got experience under his belt last season. NBA sophomores always produce and progress unless your name is Channing Frye. Expect guys like Balkman, Rando, Aldridge and Rudy Gay to have break out seasons, they got the first year under their belt. From what I researched about rookies-sophmore transistion its normally a huge leap and progression between the first and second year. I can understand why Rando is underrated by some people. We'll have to see this season.

Again, you think. But what I want to know what you know bro. I can understand Celtics not being the best in the East, thats a valid statement.

You're 100% right about Detroit, I forgot about their two rookie guards. Lets see how they deliver this season.

I don't know about the refs scandal. What I know superstars in the NBA get favored, and it happens in all sports. Allen, Pierce and Garnett are elite top 10-15 players. Having them on the same team can only equal success.

As for the Celtics, I wish Knicks get Artest so we could give it to them this season. We match up with them well cause of our deep bench. We just to improve with Artest and get rid of Crawford. We'll be set for 07-08.