Randolph could be the Knicks answer off the bench.
But Head Coach Isiah Thomas is still experimenting with the Knicks Starting lineup just like Coach Larry Brown. We all remember my Post last offseason that the Francis & Marbury starting backcourt will be a Big Failure because its a disrepect to Crawford decent previous season.
David Lee had an outstanding decent season averaging a 10-10 season on 28 MPG while complimenting each of his teamates performance. To Start Zack Randolph over David Lee will be another disrepect to a player that earned Startership on this Knick Team by being a compliment to Marbury, Curry, Crawford, and Q.Richardson skillz & talents. Especially when Rookie Balkman Performance showed he was reliable to be the 6th Man off the bench last season.

The Signing of 6.11 Foward Jared Jefferies to the MAX MLE last offseason was the biggest downfall of this Knick Team. It was the main reason for the two expensive Buy-Outs of two final contract year players (Jalen Rose & Maurice Taylor) that could've been an asset off the bench 100% better than what Jared Jefferies performance showed. Maurice Taylor was a physical Fighter for a rebound that meshed well with Curry or Frye under Coach Larry Brown. Taylor outside shooting range worked well with Frye or Curry inside game. I'm sure that both Jalen & Taylor at the end of their contracts season would have showed some type of leadership in midseason to get this Knick Team to the Postseason games.

Coach Isiah Thomas ran a Three Guard Offense for 43 games last season that failed each time because Jalen Rose should've been apart of any Three Guard Offense that he played (Pacers-Rose, Miller, and Tinsley. or Rapters-Rose, Carter, and Williams) that had to be Isiah expectations because those Three Guard Lineups WON alot of games in the NBA. When Isiah Thomas bought-out Jalen Rose he should have lost that "Three-Guard-Offense" philosophy last season.

Before Maurice Taylor received his big contract his Skillz & Talents at the PF position were the same as Zack Randolph on a losing team (to many simularities). What happen when put with Yao & T-Mac? and then Curry and Marbury?

Do anyone remember Portland last Championship Team with Center Walton and PF Maurice Lucas that beat the Philadelphia Dr. Jay in the 1976 Finals? Portland could not WIN without PF-Maurice Lucas. And Curry is to much like Walton. However, Zack Randolph is NO comparison to Maurice Lucas hustle on the court. But David Lee second season performance plus WINNING the MVP in the Rookie/Sophmore game showed a great comparison to PF-Maurice Lucas Ambidextrous Skillz and Talents.

Is the Eastern Conference Bigmen going to let KG, Zack, and Lewis come over East and score 20 points a game? Which of the three players will they feel they can shut down?