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Chad Ford reports:

Here's a shocker:

Kurt Thomas is on the trading block for seemingly the 100th time in the past few seasons. With Antonio McDyess securing the starting power forward job, Thomas has been sent to the bench, and he's not happy about it.
The Knicks have refused to discuss an extension with Thomas or his agent, Jerry Hicks, and Thomas is threatening to opt out of his contract at the end of the season and explore the free-agent market.

Considering that the Knicks are running out of time to trade Charlie Ward before his contract becomes fully guaranteed this season, the pressure is going to be on Layden to move the two before Jan. 15 (when Ward's contract locks in).

Given the Cavs' desire to add more toughness and cap flexibility, maybe this is Layden's chance to pry Ilgauskas and Miles from the Cavs in return for Ward, Thomas, Othella Harrington and a pick.

Sound sweet to me but no pick included....
The Knicks will need to keep the picks....