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Let me be the first to say it.....we're not talking Hakeem and Ralph, or David and Tim. But if David Robinson can make the neccessary adjustments to make him and Duncan work at the age of 34, there is certainely time for Zach and Eddy to grow together. But as of right now it is unfair to mention them with Parish, Mchale espicially since we have no Larry on the Knicks with that said, the sucess of the Duo will depend on who we suround these two player with. When you have two scores at any position in your Starting 5 you need players who are going set screens, grab offensive rebounds, and make smart plays that will help your two scorers. we have that in player like Lee,Q, Balkman, Collins,and possibly Chandler, but Q is the only one who is projected to start for us.
You also need players that can step up if one or both of your scoring options is having an off game, the Knicks have a plethra of such players Crawford, Steph, Q, and Nate, with Steph Q and Jamal are all projected to be starting

Side Note:This just shows us how incomplete the players on our team are, I mean we have great scorers but that's all they bring, we players who bring intangiables but can't score the ball all that well.....and not to sound like a broken record but that is preciscley the reason we need Ron Artest, if this Zach and Eddy project is to work he is the ideal SF for this lineup with Q at the SG.

I think Zach and Eddy can work, as of now we haven't seen any sort of ego from either of these guys, I think Isiah can get them to buy into his philosophy, it's just that his philosophy won't work unless we have the right players around them
All said and good, but the Knick-players were there last season but the coach wasnt.
The Coach gave playingtime to Money contract players, not to players that were meshing together on bothsides of the court.

Funny thing, how Q.Rich get a season injury last season when Isiah favorite Max MLE Player come off the injured list and play his first two games as a Knick and average 30 MPG in both games. Plus how Isiah Offseason comment of his three 6.11 frontcourt players will gives him the edge was put into effect as soon as Jared Jefferies was ready to play his first game. 6.11 Curry, 6.11 Frye, 6.11 Jefferies.

What is Isiah offseason plan now? the meshing of Curry & Zach in the Starting lineup? Sound like Marbury and Francis to me all over again.
I'm suprise Q.Richardson, Crawford, and David Lee did not demand to be traded this offseason (Isiah is a JOKE of all Jokes)...