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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    I guess you got me. But..... Ex-Knick Shannon Anderson turned the Red-Light on Isiah Thomas when Isiah put him on the IL and Anderson went to the Press and said that nothing was wrong with him and refused to go on the IL.

    Isiah did not want to admitt his big mistake last season of putting the same style players in the STARTING Lineup so he put them on the IL when they did not work out (Curry & Frye, and Francis & Marbury) and he had to replace them in the Sarting Lineup (to many consecutive Loses).

    Putting Frye on the IL to put David Lee in the Starting lineup was foolish move that hindered the bench of a running bigman to go alongside Balkman which Frye could've did with Lee as a Starter (but Isiah put Frye on IL).

    Putting Francis on the IL to put Crawford in the Starting Lineup made Francis go AWOL and left town to go on vacation to talk with some NBA veterans about Isiah delusional decision making.

    Then came Q.Richardson who was playing great consistently, but Isiah could'nt wait to use his Offseason Plans of the new aquisition of MAX MLE 6.11 Jared Jefferies in the Starting Lineup alongside of Eddy Curry (6.11 Defense with 6.11 Offense). And Starter Q.Richardson was put on the IL the next day after Jared Jefferies first Start, And Channing Frye was taken off the IL that same day to Start the next game (a game before the Denver Brawl).

    This gave Isiah Thomas the chance to MESH the three 6.11 Frontcourt Players he was talking all about that offseason: Curry, Frye, and Jefferies.

    The Denver Brawl Game showed how the Knick Teammates did not like what Isiah Thomas was doing with the team, with the Knicks down by 20 points practically the entire game.

    There's an ole saying, "what makes you laugh can also make you cry".
    For those to believe that all the Knicks different lineup changes was due to injuries (so Isiah dont look like Larry Brown) keep on believing...

    Dude your basketball knowledge is scant. So Q got surgery on his back so he could go along with Isiah's elaborate plan? Get real. Q WAS INJURED FOR REAL!!! Do you think Quentin Richardson is so stupid and unprofessional that he would do something like that? That he would abandon the teammates that needed his unique skillset to fight for a playoff spot? Get a clue. Your brawl thing shows that you are grabbing at straws. Players don't go to war for a coach they hate. Do you think they fought cause they were mad at IT? They fought cause they believed that IT was right for saying that Denver ran up the score on us at home. Hence the hard foul that was carried out. That why they (media) thought (and that IT orchestrated the entire thing). Why would Shandon Anderson have anything positive to say about IT after he ran him out of town. IT said from day one Shandon was overpaid. Hence why he got rid of him. With Steve Francis, he faked injury. Notice how when Crawford got hurt, he magically got healthy? That's more an indictment of Francis' lack of character. He was unhappy as a back up, and never wanted to fullfil his obligation in that role. I like every other real Knick fan is glad that he's gone. You should be ashamed of yourself. Using lies to promote you anti-Isiah agenda is weak. Like 1 and Only get some facts, not these stupid repetitive lies that are easily disproved.
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