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Dude your basketball knowledge is scant. So Q got surgery on his back so he could go along with Isiah's elaborate plan? Get real. Q WAS INJURED FOR REAL!!! Do you think Quentin Richardson is so stupid and unprofessional that he would do something like that? That he would abandon the teammates that needed his unique skillset to fight for a playoff spot? Get a clue. Your brawl thing shows that you are grabbing at straws. Players don't go to war for a coach they hate. Do you think they fought cause they were mad at IT? They fought cause they believed that IT was right for saying that Denver ran up the score on us at home. Hence the hard foul that was carried out. That why they (media) thought (and that IT orchestrated the entire thing). Why would Shandon Anderson have anything positive to say about IT after he ran him out of town. IT said from day one Shandon was overpaid. Hence why he got rid of him. With Steve Francis, he faked injury. Notice how when Crawford got hurt, he magically got healthy? That's more an indictment of Francis' lack of character. He was unhappy as a back up, and never wanted to fullfil his obligation in that role. I like every other real Knick fan is glad that he's gone. You should be ashamed of yourself. Using lies to promote you anti-Isiah agenda is weak. Like 1 and Only get some facts, not these stupid repetitive lies that are easily disproved.
Kiyaman been a Knick-Fan for over 35 years of fun n tears

Come on, slow down on me about my mis-communication, my writing-skillz has always been miss interpreted for 50 years (I'm not a good people-person when it comes to my writing-skillz.).
It may seem like I am a "Isiah Thomas Basher" the same as when I spoke on Laydumb a decade ago. But both has been paying half of the Knicks roster twice as much as they are worth. After 3 and half seasons of Isiah Thomas he should be the last person to comment on Laydumb over-paid worthless players when we can go back to Norris, Penny, Tim Thomas, Baker, and so on.
Maybe I am still a BIG-FAN of G.M. Ernie Grunfield whom caught a bad break with Coach JVG.

The Shanon Anderson situation I was talking about happen around the first month of the hiring of Coach Lenny Wilkins. I believe Shanon Anderson had 3 or 5 seasons of consecutive games played when New Coach Lenny Wilkins put a stop to that. When the Press question Coach Lenny Wilkins on the subject of Shannon Anderson consecutive games played being stopped, Coach Wilkens response kindly passed it to Isiah Thomas whom already put Shannon Anderson name on the IR list. This was done to give playingtime to three new additional players that played the two positions that Anderson played that season: Penny, Tim Thomas, and Demar Johnson. When the offseason came Isiah and Anderson made-up and became good friends when Isiah bought-out his contract, and three weeks later Anderson signed with the Miami Heat.

All I was saying is that President Isiah Thomas has a bad habit of putting players on the IL just so he can give the next player some playingtime (the same position player). I did not say anything about a player faking injury. However we did have five players that left town for weeks when they were put on the IR or IL, and it was'nt to see any doctors (Norris, Baker, Penny, Davis, and Francis). These same Players Isiah could not wait to put them into his Starting Lineup when they first arrived on the Knicks. And to do this Isiah always put another player (presumely a STARTER) on the IL or IR.
Doing stuff like this taught me why this Knick Team lacks the two important eliments of Chemistry and Meshing players.
At first I blamed the players with Stephon Marbury at the top, but it is not the Knick Players it is President Isiah Thomas so-call confidence in his players which he turns off and on like a light switch.

Those who dont want to believe this as "FACT" has been watching another Knick-Team for the last four years. I bashed Larry Brown after the first opening game that entire season and came to realize that Coach Larry Brown did not want "Marbury & Curry" as his STARTERS for none of the 82 games that season which he was forced to do by Isiah Thomas. This is why Coach Larry Brown mixed every possible Starting-Lineup with Marbury & Curry.