Did someone say FACTS!

Eddy Curry is a "Work in Prosess".
Eddy Curry spent to much time in a Chicago Bulls Organization that lost all their Bigmen Assistant Coaches when Phil Jackson and Jordan left town (Coach Cartwright is half & half, being the Nets assistant coach this season his talents may shine through Maglore & rookie Williams).
The Chicago Bulls had the worst Bigman Assistant Coaches in the NBA for the past decade. The Ben Wallace signing was a big blessing with their younger players and the organization.
This is why Players like Brand, Miller, Artest, and Chandlor talent moved-up to the next level in all their NBA Skillz after being traded (when) months later when instructed differently by the next team assistant coaches.

Eddy Curry is a Work in Progress! which should've been the first player to show up at Mark Aquire offseason workout gym during July & August. There is no excuse for Curry & Zach for not making it unless they got shot in a House robbery.

The Curry & Zach Tandem will be a "Work in Process" at the start of the regular season.
How long will it take the two to Click together on offense consistently? or on Defense consistently?
That will be the main factor this season.
Will Marbury & Crawford tandem help out the Curry & Zack tandem click?
will also be a prime concern this season.

How good does a PG have to be for Isiah Thomas to give him Marbury Starting position???