Let me explain to you why i think it should start with Curry or Zack now down low first then let it move from there so that we can have a good half court strategy going. ight marbury brings the ball down the court passes to zack or Curry now once they get doubled with the other players moving around which didnt happen last year Curry or Zack can find an open player they can pass the ball and make open shots for everyone else. Now you say Curry cant pass. Ok the problem isnt that Curry dosnt pass the problem is that everyone was standing around last year not getting open and the one person who was left open usually was on the other side of the court. Now just because it goes into Curry's or Zack's hands first dosnt mean the rest of the team is not involved because they are a big part of when he gets double they get open and score the easy basket. still team ball. just like the point guard getting the ball first before almost every play but its still a team game right. Now if the players move around and Curry still cant pass the ball then hey we can start most plays with Zack cause i know you seen him pass the ball pretty good huh then when he gets doubled he can pass it to the open guy and hey they get easy basket still a team sport everyone needs to play together. Now on defense cause i know your big on defense ive said it so many times if we play together and work as a team which also includes the coach making up a plan for each team to shut them down each player would look so much better. the Spurs look so good on Defense because they work as a team to stop people so does dallas and i beleive if we do it together so will NY. Unfortunatly im not sure how great Isiah is as a coach i do like the team he put together but i really dont like him as a coach cause he dosnt bring the team together and he dosnt plan strategies for defense for any team