Is this "PURE-FACT" or optimism?

"One day I can see David Lee" averaging 32 MPG, 18 pts, 10 rbds, 3 ast, 1 stl, and alot of great WINNING hustle that is not recordeed on the stat-sheet.

When we mention Player David Lee on this Knick Team it is not theory, optimism, or guessing, his performance is consistent and based on Pure-Facts. He can switch to all three Frontcourt positions (during any play) and play them well, his defense against Super-Star Players in the frontcourt position vs Center-Shaq, or PF-KG or Duncan, or SF-Pierce or Lebron maybe the same as the average defenders vs these Super-Star Players however, his offensive awareness in his passing-game, running-game, rebounding-game, and hustling for that lose-ball vs Frontcourt Super-Stars has made David Lee performance outstanding and the complimentary-player you want on the court at the "START and FINISH" of each game.
David Lee has become a player you can depend on to do the things that the next player won't.
And the next Player that is following in David Lee footsteps is 6.7 Renaldo Balkman as the Point-Foward who LUV to play trapping-defense in presuring the ball on oponents backcourt and frontcourt players bringing the ball up court. His outstanding performance switching positions as a SF rebouder and running the Point to beat the oponents Center & PF down the court on a fastbreak for a "3 on 1" or a "3 on 2" is another Pure-Fact that can be talked about.
YEAH! that's right, David Lee two season performances has made me a David Lee Fan!!!