I know this is getting boring we are all ready for opening night and these blogs are getting a bit redundant with all the Ron or Kobe Threads, but with no Knick News in the paper (The Marbury dogfighting articles are already old to me) us Knick Nerds need something to talk about. So I pose this question who will be in a Knick Uniform opening night.

Eddy Curry- LOCK as long as IT is the GM/Coach he will go nowhere plus I wouldn't want him to

Zach- LOCK: I'd say for now, but if the Eddy Zach expeirement doesn't work, look for him to be possibly moved assuming his trade value doesn't dip ie. Steve Francis (which was actually pretty low before he became a Knick, just hit rock bottom after)

Q-75/25: I think he is in our immediate plans, and I think he's the most complete player we have, but if the right deal came along I can see him getting moved

Jamal Crawford-90/10: Not that he's that much more unexpendable than Q, but frankly I think he is a hard player to move, he doesnt really fit the mold of any other team in the league execept maybe Pheonix or Golden State, and they have players at his position. But as much as I bash Jamal I kinda like him as a Knick

Steph-Lock: Let's just leave it at that and you can make your own assumptions as to why, but either way he's a Knick opening night

Nate: 50/50: Great Summer League may have helped his image, but may have made him tradable at the same time.

Mardy-80/20: A great find by Zeke so for that reason alone his future is bright with the Knicks (I'll elaborate more on this theory when I get to Nichols), but the Kobe issue has not been resolved yet( I'll elaborate more on that theory when I get to David Lee and Balkman)

Jared Jefferies-90/10: No ones bitting on this contract unless David Lee is involved in the package. I think he deserves a 2nd shot anyways

David Lee and Balkman-95/5: I always associate these two players together for some reason....anyways the same applies to them both they are not going anywhere unless Kobe is on the market

Wilson Chandler-75/25: Turned alot of heads over the summer great upside, GM hates trading youth in fear of watching the player turning into a star elsewhere, plus IT likens him to Ariza with a J and that is saying a lot. Still not a lock because if SAC or LA insisted I think he could be apart of a deal

D Nichols-75/25: Isiah found this guy in the 2nd round, that has been Isiah's saving grace in NY is his ability to draft, no way this kid gets let go by the Knicks to go join a team like the Celtics where he goes from being a great find for Isiah to being another great off season move by Ainge. So my point I alluded to with Mardy is that Isiah will hold on to a player who makes him look good. I can however see Isiah letting Nichols go in a deal for Ron Artest.

Randolph Morris-50/50: Like Nate a good summer validated that he can play in this league but at the same time uped his trade value, Isiah sold him well by talking him up as a late lottery pick after he was acquired and then he played like one during summer league. Sac wants to get younger and talented Morris fits that bill and he is already behind Lee and Zach in the rotation, making him a nice trade chip for Ron

Malik Rose- 60/40: The Knicks need veteran leadership, but he could be the contract that is needed to make a trade for Artest work from a salary stand point

Dan D-0%: 3 reasons why Lead canidate to be bought out by the Knicks if the roster issue isn't resolved. has an expiring contract which could be offered to Sac, and finally Sac needs a backup PG. So be it trade or buyout this guy is gone

Fred Jones-65/35: Isiah likes him so that is a major plus, Isiah drafted him (see examples above) another major plus, but Isiah wouldn't want to endure the public beating he would recieve if not parting with Fred Jones was the deal breaker in a deal for a key player. Worth mentioning is his expiring contract, D, atheleticism, and is realitively young.

Jerome James: If Jerome James comes into camp in shape, ready to contribute. and with a new found focus and passion for the game then he's a LOCK!

Ron Artest-anywhere from a lock to not likely I'd say 70/30: We have all the peices to get him, he wants to be a Knick, Sac wants to dump him, so it's likely we can get him, howver Sac could ask for Lee or Balkman, and we know Lee is off limits, so that could get interesting. But for all we know behind close doors this deal could be all but done, it's hard for me to imagine that even off the record the Knicks and the Kings haven't discussed this seriously at all this summer, and if the deal wasn't going to happen then Isiah would've come out and said for sure stated that the deal is dead much like he did when Ron was trying to get traded from Indy and the Pacers wanted Frye.

Kobe- 5% (at best)- Kobe is in great shape, the Lakers aren't moving him for nothing, and we only have nothing to offer! a Lee,Balkman, and Crawford package could get us Paul Peirce, or Gasol, but not Kobe.

But ofcourse these are just my opinions, let me know yours