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    Originally Posted by Starks_boy
    way ahead of philly and NJ
    damn i wish i could say 50-32 at least !
    We will have atleast 41 wins i hope. NJ has always been the team to beat along with toronto. I dont see Philly being a huge threat. With Boston being a completely new team they pose a threat but im hoping for the knicks to have a breakout season! NEW YORK.

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    this is another example of rampant stupidity concerning the knicks and the playoff chances. they are a championship team on paper. everybody is drinking the green(celtics) kool-aid and its getting sad. "ray allen, KG, and
    Pierce! they're gonna win the east! no bench? no point guard? who cares? i don't watch the games but the knicks are terrible and its fun to be a part of a big dumb group and laugh at their failure." i cannot wait until the knicks play the celtics and the celtics have to put out their second unit. the real question is this: At his age, can KG's body handle playing 44.5 minutes a game? he'll be out of gas by mid-January. We have the most talented bench in the league and a high powered starting 5. Next year the only question will be: can we repeat?
    go play in jersey traffic you bunch of closet net fans.

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