Why is Isiah Thomas logic about the performance of David Lee so negative?

What did Frye do in his rookie season so appealing to Isiah that David Lee did not do last season to make Isiah put Frye in the Starting lineup? what must David Lee do to get into the Starting lineup?

I say this because of Isiah Thomas "Decision Making" last season. Every NBA Coach wished they had a Guard Lineup of Marbury, Francis, and Crawford, with a fast push the ball up court 3 point shooter in Nate Robinson.
There was no reason at all that Marbury & Francis should have been on the court at the sametime in the first half of the season. They should have been each others backup.

The samething goes with Eddy Curry and Channing Frye, every NBA Coach would've LUV to have Frye backingup Curry in their rotation.
Under Coach Larry Brown it was recognized that Curry & Frye had the same Big-Man Game, only thing differ was one had an inside game and the other had an outside game. But both played the Center Positions the same from the baseline to the paint (Conflict of interest together).
And the same exact thing with "Marbury & Francis" but a BIGGER "Conflict of interest" on whom is the better (Franchise) PG. "I am the BEST PG in the NBA!" this challenge still lives on in the NBA (oponents and teammates).

Having Curry & Frye backup each other, and having Marbury & Francis backup each other would have been a great rotation of players on this Knick Team. But the Icing on the Cake was at SF with Q.Richardson & Balkman backing each other up (both added defense & Rebounding).

The two Players that was supposed to LOG in the majority of playingtime last season was David Lee and Jamal Crawford (They were the Leading Rebounder and the Leading Scorer). Their was no way that Marbury or Curry should've lead this Knick Team in minutes played if Frye & Francis was their Backups (all four players would have had to play defense).

Last season the Knicks were an above .500 team with two Centers (Curry & Frye), two SF-(Q.Rich & Balkman), and two PG-(Marbury & Francis).
Coach Isiah had an easy task last season by just matching the three positions above and Running with them all season long untill the MESHING process took affect in midseason. Marbury, Q.Rich, and Curry "VS" Francis, Balkman, and Frye.
These were SIX players that would be needed in the rotation in the Post Season games.

Throughout the regular season last year the Knicks had PF-Malik Rose & David Lee with some spearing peremeter defensive minutes for Jared Jefferies.
The Knicks had SG-Nate & Crawford with some spearing peremeter defense minutes for Jared Jefferies.

Injuries last season was not the reason why the Knicks did not have an above .500 season it was Head Coach Isiah Thomas "SAVE-FACE" poor decision making coaching. Which lead to an entire season without any chemistry minstered to high contract player$ that are hard to trade.

The perfomance of Q.Richardson, David Lee, and Jamal Crawford last season should not have been put as 2nd Fiddle to anyone on the Knick Roster they were the best TRIO on the team.

Will Head Coach Isiah Thomas put on his coaching cap this 2007-8 season and start out fresh his second season coaching this Knick Team with an 8-Man rotation that Click together for 3-quarters to WIN, so the other teammates could get some garbage playingtime here and there?