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Sorry! 1 and only, that is Isiah talking in the offseason.
So nothing is false or biased. Now you could put my comments under the Blame-Game for a 33-49 season.
Plus, It seems you never listen to Isiah after every game, especially any of the 49 Loses.

David Lee Performance became a Fan-Favorite last season, not an Isiah Thomas Favorite. The Knicks only had 3 PF (Malik, Frye, and Lee) last season on their roster. And every Knick-Fan knew who was the best out of the three after the first 15 games last season. How many games did David Lee Start?

Isiah Thomas had to "SAVE-FACE" last season after a 23-59 previous season of Public humiliation from ($50 million) Coach Larry Brown.
Coach Zeke had to run practically every offensive play to Eddy Curry to prove his giving up two first round picks (1 unprotected) was worth it. Plus the trading of Penny & Davis final season contracts being extented for Jalen & Frances which did not work out. If not "Save-Face" what would you call it?

Like I said before, " EVERYONE knew that Olyjuwan was going to be the first pick in the 1984 draft.". Rookie of the year 7.2 Ralph Sampson Houston Rockets had the first pick. Olyjuwan played "Twin-Towers" in Houston College.
Once again the Datruth speaks the truth again...had to get that out of the way early....

This "save face" plan is bogus. You need to quit with that excuse. Your telling me that Isiah would sacrifice a W by not playing his best players but instead of playing the players that he brought in?! Come on now, I know you're smarter than that, don't step down to the other pessimistic's level. Use your senses and not your emotion. That's the difference...ya'll are mad for the lack of wins in the past couple of years and want blood. Yet the pessimistics never see the improvements, the good. They only see the bad and I'm sick of the negativity. If any one is saving face its you and the other pessimistics who's putting Isiah down for outrageous conspiracy theories without facts. I can't argue your point if you don't have facts to back it up man, it's just that simple.

And everyone might have know hakeem was going to be number 1 pick that year but that's because Pat was staying. If he was go into the same draft then no...no one would have a clue who was going to be number 1. You can't deny the hoya destroya...you just can't. The defensive phenom out of G-Town...you crazy?! Teams were losing on purpose just to draft him and you're saying Hakeem was the sure pick? Nope...you're wrong on that one...