Kiyaman, Manu Ginobilli was a sixth man off the bench for most of the regular season for the Spurs. Spurs fans love him, but does that mean that he wasn't a Greg Poppovich favorite? The third leading scorer on the Suns, Leandro Barbosa, started 18 games last season. That doesn't mean that D'Antoni didn't utilize him.

David Lee had a special role on this team, and we saw him flourish with a double-double average. In fact, I think we're getting a little pretentious about this whole "starting role" thing, because Lee ended up averaging more minutes than Channing Frye.

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Why is Isiah Thomas logic about the performance of David Lee so negative?

What did Frye do in his rookie season so appealing to Isiah that David Lee did not do last season to make Isiah put Frye in the Starting lineup? what must David Lee do to get into the Starting lineup?
It isn't negative at all. When a player finds his niche, do you risk it by putting him in a different situation? Coming off of the bench is a unique situation because, in an ideal situation, you have a different mentality in a sense that you know why you're coming in and you know what to do. David Lee delivered in that role effectively and consistently. And guess what? He ended up playing more minutes per game.

Channing Frye was actually voted to the All-Rookie First team. And this was recognition from the League, not biased Knicks fans. We saw what he could do his rookie season, he had a nice jumper, adequate FT percentage, athleticism, and shot blocking potential. He just never developed that confidence, and that's unfortunate. With a guy like him next to Eddy, you'd ideally expect a Tyson Chandler-like role, grabbing boards and an athletic weakside defensive presence. Add the fact that he showed some mid-range game during his rookie season, and how can you say that he couldn't have complemented Curry's game?

David Lee could possibly become a starter one day. But right now, he has a nice role that he defined for himself last season and I think Isiah will continue to give him the minutes that he needs to be effective. Who knows? Maybe Isiah will be able to experiment at one point during the season and have Randolph be a scorer off the bench and Lee start. As of right now though, I think we should all welcome the challenge that these players face in trying to earn their minutes. With that being said, Zach Randolph will probably be our starter opening night.

David Lee is a fan favorite, but should we consider him a finished product? Absolutely not. I'd still like to see a consistent mid-range jumper and there's always room for improvement on defense (this goes for everyone else too). He is one of my favorite Knicks, and he's only entering his 3rd season. Just talking about his makes me look forward to the season even more.