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Sitting inside the Garden a hour before the games, you will see Assistant Coach Mark Aquire and Curry on the court practicing before the game. When they get finish and leave the court you would see second season Nate Robinson the first one running out on the court to get some practice shots in with Frye, Lee, and Balkman. With Nate doing alot of Horse routines with his teammates.
Whats wrong with the picture above?

1) Favoriticism to just Eddy Curry when the starting Tandem of Curry & Frye was not getting defensive rebounds together, and passing to each other downlow, or passing the ball backout. If anything the two players Curry & Frye should've been practicing together before every game with assistant coach Mark Aquire and one of the Knicks guards.

2) The backcourt Guards of Marbury, Francis, and Crawford was not successful in sharing the ball with their scoring bigmen on offense to have the Knicks one of the top 5 teams leading in assist made last season. So the so-call imature Nate Robinson being the first one on the court to practice before the game without any of the other veteran guards with him to get their passing-game accurate with Curry and Balkman defending the passing lanes to get a blockshot was poor assistant coaching on Isiah Thomas part reminding me of the past Chicago Bulls frontcourt "Individual Talent" play that made them a consecutive LOTTERY Team each season.

3) Having tickets for the Boston Celtics game at the Garden this season and getting to the Garden a hour before the game to see if the Knicks have a set PLAN for this ALL-STAR Celtics team where they come out practicing this plan with certain players before the game start will show us Knick-Fans if they been getting prepared for the Winning teams in their Division.
If the Knicks dont show any preperation for the teams in their Division like they did last season then we Knick-Fans know what to expect from this Knick Team in the upcomming season from the overall teams in the league.
1) I can't really understand what you're saying here. My interpretation is that they weren't efficient in rebounding the ball defensively when they were on the court together, couldn't pass the ball to each other, or out of the post. Now, when you say that they couldn't pass out of the post, I can see what you're saying, but to look at it everything you said a general sense, all I can say is that you don't solve those issues simply by practicing it right before a game. This is something that you should work on repeatedly during those practices on non-game days. I'm not saying that practicing that before a game is wrong, but you just don't solve it by telling Aguirre to work on that before a game. Plus, don't you think it'd be better effectively practiced when they're running scrimmages, something that they can't do right before a game?

We can definitely get better and more efficient. We have Eddy Curry, Zach Randolph, David Lee, and Malik Rose going at it during the practices. Malik Rose is a workhorse, and Randolph and Lee are both 10 boards a game players. I can reasonably expect that they'll make each other work hard. Curry, Malik, and Lee have vouched for Isiah, and I know that they're not going to give him lackluster effort. Passing out of double teams is a skill that can be worked on. Last season, Curry was finally a consistent focal point on offense, and his struggles to pass out of a double team is an expected growing pain en route to positive development. I EXPECT him to work harder and get BETTER.

2) So the concern here is post-entry passes from our guards. We were not consistently efficient in this area last season, and it was one of our sources of turnovers. Again, I'm sure they go through the motions during practices, but again, you don't judge it just by what you see them doing right before a game. Renaldo Balkman is not a guy who you'd expect night-in and night-out to guard centers, much less Eddy Curry who weighs nearly 70-80 pounds more than him. They also have Renaldo guarding the passing lanes during scrimmages too. Also, there are other big-men oriented teams who weren't in the top 5 in assists per game. You say that our guards didn't share the ball with our scoring big man, but Curry ended up being our leading scorer.

3) I'm not keen on making assumptioins of practice efficiency just by watching the shootaround. I mean, it's SHOOTAROUND. You're not going to find many teams who hold full practices immediate before a game.