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Zeke has made the talent on the roster much better. His issue is having the proper leadership to mold it. Chaney, Wilkins were both jokes. Brown was the marquee name, but not the right fit. Clearly (league record for dif starting lineups was ridiculous)

Far as team players, I have to again disagree. Marbury is branded selfish because he is always the best player on his team. Meaning he takes all the criticism when things fail. And usually had to shoulder the scoring load. Everyone forgets when he played with good talent (phx) he helped them win 53 games. No one was calling him selfish Steph then. And for the life of me... can someone super intelligent ( Metro the best poster on Knicksonline.com maybe ) Tell me how a man who avg 20 and 8 his whole career just about can be labeled selfish? 8 dimes a year would be a career year for most pg's in the league, Steph does this year in and out off the bus. Does anyone remember that ultra talented team he played on in NJ? On top of that, he more than any other player on the team last year sacrificed his game for the betterment of the team. And it kills me even more as a Knick fan being that it's Walt Clyde and Steph 1 and 2 in Knick history at pg. And it's not even close. Fans act like we have this great pg heritage to gauge Steph's play on lol... NY'ers. But this is an opinion forum.

Q-rich has always been a good team guy, even with the Clips, but especially phx. Then he comes here and has to change his game around, and does without an issue. Possibly our best all around player besides Steph. Again, opinion forum.

Zach was a one man gang in Portland and they were garbage for years, so he will unfairly get the ballhogging, selfish teammate label simply for being the crown jewel of a franchise devoid of such. Though, not one coach ever calls him a selfish teammate during practice, and say he works harder than anyone. Even in Portland. It's personal baggage that scares most. But we are talking ON THE FLOOR, correct? I say give him a shot here before we gauge his play somewhere in a diff system. Opinion forum.

Curry needed the most improvement last year, and made the most on the team. By far. Can't call him an individual or team player based off of one pretty good season. He looked like a first year player from college a lot last year. Bad out of double teams, rare hustle on d and lacked fire on the boards for a man his size. But ran the floor well, took on the role of being "the go to guy* for the first time in his career. If he improves on the defensive end, sky is the limit for this team. But I would at best have a wait and see for him. He is the most important player on the team. Opinion forum.

Crawford is the biggest enigma. If he plays how he did from dec on all season, he will be a flat out star. Finally learned to harness the and1 mentality and play within the system. You are going off of his career worth of blunders. But life in all walks is what have you done lately. Last we saw him, he was playing very, very well. And within the team game. But who knows with him. I'm personally an optimist by nature. Plus it's my team, so I hope his play was from becoming level headed, and not some fluke. Jury is out on Him, Curry and Zach.

Opinion forum.
The only thing you just did was approve these guys NBA career as an "Individual Talent" on each of their previous teams.
You could have some very poor players on your team in any league but if you and those players team-up TOGETHER on offense and defense your team of poor players will WIN more games than you believe.

Individual Talents get you in the NBA, but Team-Ball makes you a Champion in the NBA.