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u cud b right dogg, im juss sayin i dont remember it, an i really dont feel like doin knick research....im lookin more to the future ya dig?
and about ya david lee posts, hey i like d.lee as much as any other guy, but we need to get randolph and curry meshing as soon as possible. I dont know about u, but when players play in a all star game, do u ever see people stressing over if 5 superstars can play well together? look at team usa....i think the better the team, the better the player.....i play basketball...and when i have a good team, i play better. IMO
Every Knick-fan wants the Curry & Zach tandem to start meshing ASAP, what people are not looking at is these two young imature millionairs dont give a ..... about meshing together this entire offseason.
What other players have Curry or Zach really meshed with before, and if they did mesh with another bigman how long did it take for them to play together as one?

It will take these two stuborn selfish players Curry & Zach about a season or two to put some chemistry together on both sides of the court. Maybe this season the two will be able to get their Offense meshing together (Maybe), but on the defensive side of the court it will take these two players some seasons and offseasons together.

Now what makes this guy David Lee such a Big Fan favorite in New York and at the Rookie/Sophmore game?
The samething that will make NBA Teams give him such a high expensive contract inwhich the Knicks will not match this offer when David Lee becomes a FA.

David Lee is the Best BIGMAN on the Knicks Roster!
He can play both sides of the court at a fast-pace running game or a slow halfcourt setting. His rebounding is outstanding on both Glasses. His Passing abiltiues show great court awareness. But the best part of his game is he makes his teammates talents better (and to do that on this Knick team when all the PG we had cant, says David Lee is an "All-Around-Player".).

Toon, you have Players that made the All-Star Team, or made the USA Team and showed a certain personality inwhich they will never make it back to either. And I'm sure you recall some of these players.