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David Lee is the Best BIGMAN on the Knicks Roster!
He can play both sides of the court at a fast-pace running game or a slow halfcourt setting. His rebounding is outstanding on both Glasses. His Passing abiltiues show great court awareness. But the best part of his game is he makes his teammates talents better (and to do that on this Knick team when all the PG we had cant, says David Lee is an "All-Around-Player".).
You knick pessimists kill yourselves with outrageous statements such as these...do you personally think that david lee is better than Zach Randolph? David Lee doesn't have a jump shot yet and the same biased words come out your mouth. It's possible that D. Lee will be better than Z-Bo and Curry in the future...but right now...no he is not. He's an energy guy who crashes the boards like a mad man and has mediocre defense...similar to the like of balkman except balkman acutally moves his feet on D. He is our third best big guy. Simple as that...