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David Lee is the Best BIGMAN on the Knicks Roster!
As a Team-Player or a co-existing teammate yes, Lee is a chemistry player.

We are talking about a "TEAM-Player"! Not a Individual Player.
Players that help their teammates talents better.
David Lee happen to be the best Complimentary Teammate on the Knicks roster last season.

Last season watching the Knicks play you seen NO-Chemistry amongst players. Why?
Because two "Individual Talented" players (Curry & Marbury) got the majority of playingtime so the rest of the Knicks roster had to play along to their song.
Zach Randolph is a career "Individual Talented" player, thats why Portland gave us him in June.

If Curry & Marbury had no chemistry last season, what makes anyone think by adding Zach Randolph another player that want to take the most shots on his team will want to decrease his best scoring season by sharing the ball every game so another teammate can claim his scoring fame.

The Knicks need Team-Players this season that will "CO-EXIST" with their teammates on both ends of the court to make the Post Season games in this Eastern Conference. Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Nets, Boston, Toronto, Orlando, Miami.
lol...dude on my ignore list got owned. I wouldn't be surprise if he starts crying @ Kiyaman.

But with what you said Kiyaman, I wonder how long it will take Isiah to realize overloading individual talented NBA players won't bring success.

Being younger and more talented doesn't mean the team gets better. Theres much more to the NBA game than that.