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lol...dude on my ignore list got owned. I wouldn't be surprise if he starts crying @ Kiyaman.

But with what you said Kiyaman, I wonder how long it will take Isiah to realize overloading individual talented NBA players won't bring success.

Being younger and more talented doesn't mean the team gets better. Theres much more to the NBA game than that.
Actually the team does get better with more talent and younger players....wtf? talent isnt just offense ya kno....if we had a bruce bowen type player who is 19.....would you still say that? if every1 played excellent defense, would you still say that? talent runs this league....look at lebron....dude is talented....and look at cleveland. i see where u guys r comming form with the individual talent, but dont say that randolph is a part of that...cuz really he's not....Zach is a team guy.