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    Default Don Nelson or Van Gundy Coach

    Does anybody know when Isiahs contract is up for head coach, cause those two coaches are by far one of my favorites. Don Nelson is unhappy with GS, and Jeff Van Gundy is unemployed, I look for one of these guys to be a coach for the knicks. Isiah made the team and he couldn't do it last season, I think the Isiah contract extension was made to fast.

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    I agree about Isaiha. We all remember how the team and Thomas all mailed in the rest of the season after Dumb Dolan signed him.

    But enough about Thomas, it's too early to open that endless debate on him again.

    Being Pragmatic like I always am, I don't see Nelso or Van Gundy coming back.

    Nelson was excommunicated from NYC after the city turned against him many years ago during his short stay as coach.

    As for Van Gundy, he wanted nothing to do with Dolan. He saw the writing on the wall when Dolan took the helm and left before the franchise became the embarrasment in the league and city that they are now.

    Yeas later, he still would not be welcomed in the city after he pretty much told Dolan "F#%k You, I don't want anything to do with your vision"

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