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Thread: Houston Begs

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    Default Houston Begs

    This the latest article in the NY Post reads :

    "I'd like to see him retire here," Houston told The Post. "He deserves to for what he's put into this franchise. It's a long time 10 years. It's just his toughness and intangibles he brings to the team. I think people who really know the game, they notice it. Then there's some people who look at the flashy parts of the game and that's not really the right way to look at it. Does he help you win games or doesn't he? That's to me what matters. I would like to see him stay."

    this is a joke - the 2 of them should be shipped outa town.
    This is also telling us alot about Houston's vision.
    He doesn't see past next week from what I can tell.
    I'll borrow a few words from Rasheed Wallace and call these 2
    Dumb & Dumber....

    If ward can be used in a package to make the Knicks better
    then that is what needs to be done.

    End of story....

    jersey's are not selling in the NBA store
    and we won't see they're numbers retired
    as Knicks either.....


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    hmm, well you know that saying qui se semble se ressemble. i think he said that because they're good buddies, and both are so religious guys
    let's hope ward's not getting an extension after he becomes a free agent. for now i don't see a team that could be interested in him

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