Its a sports betting site where you don't use real money and you can bet on lots of sports. Best thing is, if you earn over $20 of fake money, their sponsors will match it and you'll get real money. No strings attached. It really works.

If you're interested you can click the link above or just google it. I'll be honest, clicking above and joining will give me a 5% boost per guy, which i'd like, but if you don't want to help me, no prob, just google it. Its actually really cool....and addicting....Euro 08 bets are addicting as hell so far.

It costs $0 and can get you money. There aren't any gay products to buy, but there are some ads which get the sites revenue. Plus you can get a bonus on your bets by "watching" ads. They take like a second to see and you can redo it till you get +50%. Some guys I've seen have $500-900 and are just increasing. It has MLB, NBA, MLS, Argentina league soccer, mexican soccer, Euro 08, NFL, NHL, AFL, WNBA. Check it out.