Ok the gloves are off, and I have to air out my feelings as an embarassed Knick fan! I've supported our Management through bad trades, acqusitions and hirings, but this whole sexual harrasment suite is down right shamefull as a Knick loyalist. I understand that as of right now these are just acqusations, and it;s innocent until to proven other wise, but this case could've been settled out of court and none of this wouldv'e been brought to light. Now if the reason they didn't settle out of court was a concern for admission to guilt then I would understand, but the reason that there was no out of court settlement was because the Garden reps didn't want to pay the "asking price" of six million dollars, but will give Jerome James 20 million dollars!....look again I stress that I understand that they have not been found guilty of anything, but from a PR stand point why not just settle, Dolan will probably spend 6 mill on christmas gifts for all his friends and fam over the next two years, so why not to save our team from this? Maybe these charges are totally false...maybe, but not likely there has to be some truth to them, and even the least of these charges are damaging to our image. From what I've heard Stern can apply a sentence of his own if they are indeed found guilty, so this has the potential to become a even bigger disaster. Sexual misconduct by the the Team Pres and it's Star Player, along with alligations of racism, and our Owner and Chairman just sat back and did nothing. Even if these were false alligations than Dolan couldv'e managed this much better, I don't know if it's in Sterns power to get a owner replaced, but if it is then I think that this would be cause for such action.