the knicks roster as it stands now has 17 bodies. most people (myself included) expect or hope desperately that jerome james and dan dikau will be gone before November. now with that being said we still have a lot of talent 1-15. where will the minutes go???

in my head i've broken it down as such: marbury, crawford, q rich, zach, and eddie curry will start. then off the pine in order of talent will be david lee, nate robinson, balkman, fred jones, and jared jeffries. those are the guys i think will be apart of the 10 man rotation. however, jeffries hasn't shown me anything in his time with the knicks and im not confident he will stay in the regular rotation.

now we got mardy, malik rose, d nichols, randolph morris, and wilson chandler.

i think mardy and fred jones will battle it out for the opportunity to be 2nd guard off the bench because the only person that will effect nate robinson's minutes is nate robinson. he has shown so much improvement over the summer i cant see him not getting at least 25 minutes per game.

if randolph morris isnt ready for major minutes the knicks might look a little small at center when curry goes to the bench. balkman and david lee could play some center but malik rose should get a chance to stretch his legs a little.

d nichols looks like the next glen rice to me. he's a big 2 guard that will get his minutes when they need some outside shooting or if jeffries has another lackluster year. wilson chandler's playing time will also depend on jared jeffries' performance.

wow we are stacked with talent. what are your theories?