With Balkman out at the start of the season, the Knicks 2nd round (53) pick Rookie Demetris Nichols seem to be the only best replacement to receive Balkman's playingtime off the bench backing up Q.Richardson.

Nothing against Jefferies or Chandler however, Nichols B-Ball instints and court-awareness at being in the right place at the right time over shadows Jefferies experience and Chandler athletic performance.
Will the Knicks assistant coaches and veteran players bring this to Isiah Thomas attention or will Isiah notice this him self in the breaks he get from this foolish Civil Suit Case that will hold all his attention before the regular season begins?
Or will Zeke go back to his "Save-Face" coaching and use Jared Jefferies or his first round pick Chandler over a SU product player (that fits perfectly on both ends of the court peremeter) that spent alot of time watching the Knicks for the last four years with his SU teammates to know the ins and outs of this Knick Team roster???