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    Default NBA 2K8 Online League Tournament for 360

    I told you guys about a possible tournament for 360...

    Heres the official word from War of Worldz:

    If you have NBA 2K8, Xbox Live, and 10 bucks...your all set.

    There will be an online league that runs from November to January. Theres 29 teams in NBA, so that means theres 29 open spots. (Well actually 27 since I am gona register a team and my friend is as well).

    Just like in Fantasy Basketball, there will be a fantasy draft on a night that works best for all of us (majority rule).

    If you want, if you and a friend both want to run a team, there are co-op franchises.

    Hit me up if you guys want in. Message me here or on myspace. my page is [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    As much as we all aggravate each other, its all love on the 360, so join and we'll see who really is the best GM in Jan.

    Metro, you GOT to get a 360! So do the rest of you. Sorry PS3 owners = (

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    Damn. I get my two paychecks this week, but I don't know if I'm that crazy to spend it all on an buy 2k8 again

    I gotta rob someone this week...

    yo, I'm a beast with the Knicks on 2k...seriously. I can't see no one beating me...but I'll see what I can do about that 360.

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