wow. i was just reading that knix fix blog and he was talking about how fred jones was all over the place. and how he and nate would be effective in a full court press. it just made me think how energetic our second unit will be.

there is seriously no one else in the league with this kind of talent off the bench. the bulls come closest and they're not very close. i don't understand why all these morons keep projecting the knicks to miss the playoffs. if u look up and down the roster you wont find a weak player, excluding jerome james of course.

i keep imagining this group on the floor together: nate, fred jones, q rich, balkman, and david lee. the full court press would be insane. not only can this unit run but we could also slow it down and feature q rich in the paint. q rich is a beast in the post. damn i hope that balkman can heal quick and jump right into things by opening night.

i cannot wait.