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    Originally Posted by NYC-BOY
    You bash our players as much as you can then you make a crazy statment of we have alot of weapons. Do you have multiple personalities. And you said Q is average he is one of the best players in this league if he stays healthy he is an allstar bro hands down hes the man get it together
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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    Even if Balkman do get a jumper that falls 80% of the time he wont be able to shoot with all the 30 MPG ball-hogs like Zach 19-FGA and 4 turnovers for 23 points, Curry 15-FGA and 4 turnovers, Crawford 12-FGA and 2 turnovers, Marbury 10-FGA and 2 turnovers, Q.Richardson 7-FGA, and Nate 7-FGA.
    After all those players shooting the rest of the shots have to be divided between Lee, Balkman, Collins, Chandler, and Jefferies.
    And the Knicks look like another Halfcourt team which average 80-FGA per game.
    guess what? if theyre taking that many shots, and missing a lot, who goes after the offensive rebounds? lee and balkman. who gets easy buckets and/or fouled on putbacks? lee and balkman. who use being slighted on offense to play harder defense? lee and balkman.
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